Investing in Crypto

This page is not INVESTMENT ADVICE only educational information.

Before making investments in crypto take the following into account – if you don’t agree with these statements you are probably better off staying out of crypto:

  • Only investment the amount of funds you can afford to totally lose
  • Voltality is the entrance fee into the crypto markets
  • Have a plan for getting in and one for getting out – stick to your plan and don’t react based on your emotions
  • Learn to trade based on your plan, not emotion, greed, and fear
  • Buy Low – Sell High
  • Avoid FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) buying
  • Bear & Bull markets currently rise based on Bitcoin halving cycles
  • Start selling some of your position to take profits as Bull markets progress (don’t follow the crowd and keep buying)
  • Start buying to add to your position as Bear markets progress
  • Avoid buying crypto with no utility that are only moving on momentum like meme coins
  • Many people will make money in a bull market and feel they are good at it because even a monkey can throw darts at a board and make money in the crypto market in a bull market. But many will then lose the money because of the lack of discipline.

Getting Started in Crypto: