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Hedera Hashgraph integrates EMTECH CBDC infrastructure

The joint effort will bring together EMTECH’s Ethereum-based CBDC Core Solution and Hedera Consensus ledger

Central Bank Digital Currencies are a hot topic in every government treasury, and Hedera Hashgraph seems intent on claiming a slice of the pie through a joint effort with EMTECH’s CBDC core solution.

Hedera Consensus Services (HCS) will integrate the CBDC core solution to deliver low-cost and higher-energy efficiency infrastructure for CBDCs.

The savings are driven by the HCS mechanism, which is effectively a means of providing a decentralised blanket trust layer over the top of centralised technologies. This makes it possible for existing centralised platforms (like auction sites, stock exchanges, and MMO games) to achieve the trust of being decentralised while still having the privacy and performance of being centralised.

Indeed the potential benefits afforded by this trust layer of gossip consensus on the Hedera network make a versatile use case for smaller government’s new to working with blockchain and digital assets.

Hedera also stands to benefit from EMTECH’s regulatory sandbox.


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